Living Rosary


In 1995 on the occasion of our Councils 90th Anniversary we arranged for a Living Rosary to be created in Belleville.  We planted six Red Oak Trees in the Memorial Gardens which is located on the North East corner of the Bell Boulevard and North Park Street intersection.  If you walk Eastward on the North sidewalk of Bell Boulevard the Living Rosary is located on the first gravel path that you come to.  It is only a few hundred feet from North Park Street to where the gravel path The Rosary begins on the left side of the gravel path and proceeds clockwise with five more Red Oak Trees, each of which begins a decade of the Rosary.  The gravel path passes through the decades of the Rosary.

Each of the six Red Oak trees has a marker in front of them indicating 90th Anniversary, Knights of Columbus, Belleville Council 1008. The following inscriptions are also on the individual markers:

  1. Celebrating Life in all its stages
  2. Celebrating Life from the Womb to Eternity
  3. For all the children of the third millennium
  4. Life for all God’s children
  5. Giving Life room to grow
  6. Loving Life Wherever it is found


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